Sunday, September 21, 2014

NEW Too Faced Everything Nice Holiday Set! Swatches & Review!

More cuteness overload with another Too Faced Holiday set coming your way! This one is called the Everything Nice set, and it looks reminiscent of the A Few of My Favorite Things palette from last year. 

First off, the packaging - not much to say here, other than - yes, adorable. Again!  And yes, the packaging sucked me in completely. Again!

The set comes with a nice pink, sparkly pouch, a deluxe size sample of the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara (not pictured), and the palette.

I love the collection of eyeshadow shades in this set! I think they did a better job with this palette this year, all around, over the A Few of My Favorite Things palette from last year. I just feel like this one has a better collection of great neutral shades and beautiful, colorful jewel tones. 

And almost all of the shadows perform really well! The only problem child of the group was Head Over Heels, which just didn't have great pigmentation at all. What you see swatched below is after several passes. Paper Roses took a bit of "getting-into" before it really performed well. I think it's just one of those shadows where you have to get through the top layer first, and then it performs just fine. 
Top row left to right: Turtle Dove, Dream On, After Hours, Fawned of You, Knockout

2nd row left to right: Paper Roses, Kindness is Free, Mauvelous, Be You, Secret Lovers

3rd row left to right: Heaven, Shiny Happy, Honey Pot, Don't Settle, Girly

Bottom row left to right: Totally Fetch, Life it Up, Too Glam, Head Over Heels, Chocolate Moon

The face products are all amazing!  Beautifully pigmented. Buttery and smooth in texture. And they perform and wear really well on the face! No complaints here!

Left to right: Sweet Pink, Papa Don't Peach, Chocolate Soleil Bronzer, Inner Light

The set also includes a few small, flat, synthetic brushes. Not the best quality, but they're soft and cute with their glittery handles, and I think it's nice that they're included. 

Something to note with this palette is that there are definitely some repeats that appear in other palettes from Too Faced. Check out my video on this set that will be up on Monday, September 22nd, on my YouTube channel to see some comparisons! ( 

I think this set is a 100% total win! It's great for travel, perfect for a Christmas gift, perfect for us ever-collecting makeup junkies. ;) And at $56, it's a great value too! I picked mine up at Sephora online. Will you be getting this set or any of the others from Too Faced?

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Urban Decay Vice 3 Palette: Review & Swatches!

Vice 3!!! When I first heard/saw rumors about this palette on Instagram, I was ecstatic!! I love the first 2 Vice palettes. They're a great combination of neutrals and also fun colors. They really are just perfect, all-in-one palettes!

This one has a very futuristic, almost 80's type feel to it. I think the packaging is pretty neat. I would've loved if they'd tied it in with the previous ones a bit more (like maybe more blue or purple in it), but it's still pretty cool!

It comes in a really cute pouch, which I think is a nice added bonus!

This palette, like the other 2 Vice palettes, has a great combo of neutrals and fun colors!  I absolutely love the fourth column with all of the pinky burgundy shades. Sonic - amaaazing!! 

All of the shades swatch nicely. There are really no bad ones in the bunch. Angel surprised me a little bit, that it wasn't more pigmented, but I think it's just the nature of the shade. It's a very light, neutral taupe.
Left to right: Truth, Undone, Downfall, DTF

Left to right: Dragon, Freeze, Heroine, Brokedown

Left to right: Vanity, Lucky, Reign, Bobby Dazzle

Left to right: Alien, Alchemy, Bondage, Sonic

Left to right: Last Sin, Angel, Defy, Revolver

I love this Vice 3 palette just as much as the first two. At $60, I still think it's a nice value since Urban Decay's shadows are such great quality. I'd highly recommend the Vice 3! 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

NEW Too Faced Holiday Sets: La Bella Carousel & Under the Mistletoe: Review & Swatches

So it's September...and there are already Holiday sets coming out!! Wha?? I know...I agree. But I'm still excited. ;) When I heard that Macy's already had some of the Too Faced holiday sets out already, I quickly went to their website and placed an order like a good little beauty blogger/ makeup junkie should do. :)

I grabbed the La Bella Carousel set ($49) and the Under the Mistletoe set ($28). I couldn't wait for them to come in! I absolutely love Too Faced holiday sets, mostly because of the adorable, girly, vintage looking packaging! And these are no exception. This post is going to be very pic heavy, but I wanted to show you lots of views of the sets! :)

The La Bella Carousel set is exactly as the name suggests - eyeshadow palettes, face palettes, and a mascara, all in a carousel packaging. 3 of the palettes are eyeshadows, 2 are blush & bronzer duos, and one includes the Better Than Sex mascara. These would be great for travel or even as separate little Christmas gifts! 

I've mentioned before on my YouTube channel that the Better Than Sex mascara is not my favorite, only because it transfers horribly onto my eyelids. But most mascaras do this on me! The mascara does great things for my lashes - adds volume & some length - but the transfer just makes it an overall fail for me personally. But I know many people love it, so it's nice that they include it with this set! 

The eyeshadows in this set are all nicely pigmented. There are a few that take a little building (like Nutcracker and Tufted Suede), and a few are pretty chunky in texture (like Nude Beach and Sugar Plum Fairy), but overall, I love them all! I searched through my holiday sets from last year (A Few of My Favorite Things palette & the Be Merry Be Bright set) for dupes, but I didn't find any! Haute Chocolate is included in the Chocolate Bar palette, so just a little side note on that one! ;)

Left to right: Tufted Suede, Angel Hair, Haute Chocolate, Yule Log

Left to right: Frost, Tin Soldier, Christmas Tree, Santa's Boots

Left to right: Nutcracker, Nude Beach, Boxes and Bows, Sugar Plum Fairy

The face products are gorgeous! I am LOVING Luminous Peach!!  Beautiful!

Left to right: Luminous Peach, Sun Bunny Dark, Who's Your Poppy, Chocolate Soleil

The Under the Mistetoe is a great value at $28, considering one of the La Creme lipsticks cost $21 alone!  These 3 shades are all limited edition shimmery versions of popular permanent shades in their range. The shimmer is very micro. I couldn't detect any kind of gritty texture on my lips. They almost just feel and look like a super shiny lipstick. It was only when I went out in the sunshine wearing one that I noticed the gorgeous reflective glitter! I like these!! Shimmery Naked Dolly is a bit too gold for my taste to wear alone, but it's really nice layered with other lipsticks! And I absolutely love the sparkly pink bag! 
Left to right: Shimmering Naked Dolly, Shimmering Marshmallow Bunny, Shimmering Spice Spice Baby

Left to right: Shimmering Naked Dolly, Shimmering Marshmallow Bunny, Shimmering Spice Spice Baby

I think both of these sets are a win! I love them both!! 

Friday, September 12, 2014

New Wet N Wild Enchanting Halloween Looks Collection: Review & Swatches!

The other night, my dear husband said he needed to run in Walgreens really quickly for something. Of course I had to tag along inside and peruse the makeup aisles. ;) As always, I was super excited to spot a brand new Wet N Wild Halloween display! And actually, the sweet girl I always see working there was in the process of putting it out, so I just helped her stock it and shopped at the same time!  Haha! 

First I grabbed 3 of the 4 limited edition Megaslicks lip glosses. These seem to be just pretty run-of-the-mill lipglosses. Nothing particularly exciting about them, other than their awesome price tag! They were on sale for $1.41 each!  
Left to right: Pershing Bare, Please Flash Me!, Bloody Good

These are all nice shades. Please Flash Me! is a sort of strange mustardy color. It reminds me of something from one of the recent Mac collections. I bet it could be really nice if it were layered with other lip products. That's really why I grabbed it. And also, I was just curious for $1.41! 
Left to right: Pershing Bare, Please Flash Me!, Bloody Good

I also got the limited edition Mega Rocks nail polish in Rising Star. It looks absolutely gorgeous! Just based on looking at it on the brush, it looks like it packs of lot of glitter in there, and in all different sizes. Can't wait to use this one!
Rising Star

Next, I got 3 of the 5 limited edition Coloricon 5-Pan palettes. I didn't grab the silvery black one or the neutral one that is said to be a dead on dupe for Naked Truth which is part of the regular line. But according to Nouveaucheap's blog, these are supposed to be a new and improved formula, along with the ones from the recently fall collection. Great news since Wet N Wild seems to have gone off into the weeds for a while! 
Left to right: A Karat in the World, Venice Vixen, Daring Downtown

These are all really nicely pigmented! I just love these palettes from a Wet N Wild because you can have so much fun with you eye looks for very little money! These were $3.99. 
A Karat in the World

Venice Vixen

Daring Downtown 

And finally, I grabbed all of the limited edition Megalast lipsticks because....I stinkin' love these lipsticks! I'd love them for $20! But part of the reason I love them so much is definitely their amazing price. These were on sale for $1.49!!
Left to right: Sunset Stripped, Clothing Optional, Coming in Latte, Rose to Fame, Urban Nights, Tangelinos

All of the shades are gorgeous! Clothing Optional surprised me the most. I was really expecting it to be way too light and just a not-flattering-nude shade. But it actually has a lot more peach to it and is a really cute color!  I love it! Check out Nouveaucheap's post on her blog about this collection to read more about Urban NightS. I capitalize the S because apparently this is a different shade from the Urban Night (no S) shade from the fall collection. I can't seem to find my Urban a Night lippy to compare them! Grr!!
Left to right: Sunset Stripped, Clothing Optional, Coming in Latte, Rose to Fame, Urban Nights, Tangelinos

All in all, I absolutely love this collection. It's just a nice Halloween themed collection. Most of the shades are muted or dark and just fits the holiday perfectly! Have I mentioned how much I love these limited edition collections from Wet N Wild?? :)