Friday, February 27, 2015

BH Cosmetics Forever Smokey Palette: Review & Swatches

I really enjoy a lot of BH Cosmetics' products. They have some nice things, and they always run amazing sales! I already own their Forever Nude palette and absolutely love it! (I'm not as much of a fan of the Forever Glam palette; just a side note there.) I was excited to try their new Forever Smokey palette because I love a good smokey eye, and I love a good palette that has everything you need. 

This palette varies in price, depending on the sale they're running. But it's typically around the $10-$15 range, but sometimes you can snag it even cheaper! 

The packaging is the same concept as the Forever Nude and Forever Glam palette, only this one is dark gray with cream writing. It is made of a sturdy plastic material, which makes it pretty durable and ideal for travel. It comes with 6 eyeshadows, a highlight, 2 blushes (one in this palette could work as a bronzer too) and 2 lip colors.

Everything in this palette has pretty nice pigmentation. The blush shades that they picked aren't my favorite, but it is nice to have a very wearable, versatile shade that will work as a bronzer too. But the lighter shade is pretty powdery and takes a bit to build up on the skin. 
Swatched left to right: highlighter, 2 blushes, 2 lip colors

The eyeshadows are nicely pigmented. My only complaint with these is that there isn't much variety. The shades are all very similar, so it can be a little difficult to get much dimension in an eye look. I find myself bringing in some lighter shades, just to balance it out. But since this is a "smokey eye" palette, it does deliver on what it's supposed to have. I also wish there was a better blending shade included with the shadows too. 
Eyeshadows swatched left to right: top left shade, middle left shade, bottom left shade, top right shade, middle right shade, bottom right shade

All in all, I think this is a nice, do it all type palette. It's nice for traveling and has a great price point when BH is running a good sale. Do you own any of the "Forever" palettes from BH Cosmetics? Which one is your personal favorite?

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Colourpop Haul - Blushes, Lippie Stix, & Eyeshadows: Review & Swatchea

Get ready for a lot of Colourpop swatches!! I'd placed a couple of Colourpop orders semi recently, and then they came out with new blushes - Super Shock Cheeks! So today I've got a blog post with a bunch of different goodies. 

I'll start with the Super Shock Cheeks, because I'm guessing that's what you're most interested in seeing! Colourpop's Super Shock eyeshadows are 2.1 grams each, while their Super Shock Cheeks are 4.2 grams. The blushes retail for $8 each and can be ordered on Colourpop's website. 

The blushes have the same type texture as the eyeshadows, almost a spongey, cream to powder type texture. And I found that when I was swatching them that they leave a stain! I really had to scrub to remove the swatches off my arm. 

Left to right: Thumper, Mochi

Swatched left to right: Thumper, Mochi

Left to right: Trickery, Fox, Fruit Stand

Swatched left to right: Trickery, Fox, Fruit Stand

Left to right: Between the Sheets, Prenup

Swatched left to right: Between the Sheets, Prenup

I already knew I love their Super Shock eyeshadows, so I ordered more of these, including some of their new matte shadows! They're all swatched down below for you guys!

Left to right: Cop A Feel, To-A-T, Girl Crush, Bill

Swatched left to right: Cop A Feel, To-A-T, Girl Crush, Bill

Left to right: Fairfax, Effect, Roulette

Swatched left to right: Fairfax, Effect, Roulette

Left to right: Fringe, 3

Swatched left to right: Fringe, 3

Left to right: Skimpy, Lumiere, Cupid, Corset, Go Fish, Juicy

Swatched left to right: Skimpy, Lumiere, Cupid, Corset, Go Fish, Juicy

Left to right: Cookie, I <3 This, Lady

Swatched left to right: Cookie, I <3 This, Lady

Left to right: Trixie, Heart On, Dahlia

Swatched left to right: Trixie, Heart On, Dahlia

I am a self-proclaimed Colourpop addict! I just love anything that they come out with! Have you picked up any of their new blushes?

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Chanel Rouge Coco in Cecile: Review & Swatches

Another thing my sweet husband got me for Valentine's is my very first Chanel lipstick.  A Chanel lipstick!! The name alone is just fancy! :)

The packaging is just beautiful. It is classic and elegant and feels heavy and high quality. 

The Rouge Cocos are a brand new formula from Chanel that are said to combine hydration and comfort and provide 8-hour hydration from just one application. The formula is everything they claim it is. It is comfortable and glossy and lasts for a good amount of time for being a hydrating formula like it is. I chose the color Cecile, which is a beautiful brown, mauve, nude hybrid. It's just a great, wearable, everyday shade. 

I absolutely love Cecile. She's everything I ever hoped a Chanel lipstick would be, and I think she needs some other Chanel sisters to keep her company! ;-D

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Tarte Tartelette Palette: Review & Swatches

I've been eyeing the Tarte Tartelette palette for a while now, but so far I'd resisted. My sweet husband, Timothy, has a tradition of taking me makeup shopping before we go out for a Valentine's dinner, so he ended up getting me the Tartelette palette!

The packaging on this palette is pretty. It's a beautiful purple and is a nice, compact size. But it does feel a little flimsy and not super sturdy.

All of the colors are absolutely gorgeous! They have a buttery, smooth texture and swatch beautifully. When I've used these on my eyes, they are easy to blend, but being all matte shadows, they're not the easiest eyeshadows to blend when used solely by themselves. I find that to be true of matte shadows across the board, though. Not just these. 

Swatched left to right: free spirit, force of nature, dreamer, multi-tasker

Swatched left to right: caregiver, natural beauty, best friend, bombshell

Swatched left to right: supermom, wanderer, power player, fashionista

I am really, really loving this palette, and I'm so thankful my valentine got it for me! :) Have you gotten the Tartelette palette? What do you think about it?

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Urban Decay Moondust Shadows - New Shade - Solstice: Review & Swatches

Today I have a review and some swatches on the other new Urban Decay Moondust shadow that I picked up - Solstice. I knew I HAD to have this one when I saw ThatGirlShaeXO's tutorial using this shadow. It was absolutely stunning!!

This has the same packaging as the other Moondust shadows. It retails for $20 and you get .05 oz of product. 

Solstice is described as a "metallic pink-red with green 3-D sparkle and shift." In the pan, it looks so much more purple! But when swatched, a whole 'nother side of it comes out. This shadow is absolute perfection. It reminds me of Mac's Blue Brown pigment when the light catches it, because more of the teal shift comes out.  But then in other lighting, the pink, red, and purple shifting is more visible. But in any light, it's just stinkin' amazing! 

I. Love. This. Shadow. You need it! ;-D Keep an eye out for my Sephora haul on my YouTube channel so you can see this shadow swatched. It's only in a moving, video swatch that you can really see it in all its shifting duochrome glory and really appreciate it! 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Urban Decay Moondust Shadows - New Shade - Ether: Review & Swatches

Urban Decay's Moondust shadow in Diamond Dog is one of my favorite shadows in my collection. I love how sparkly and bright it is! And now there are new colors in the Moondust range! So exciting! 

First off, I have Ether for you today. The packaging is the same as the other Moondust shadows, very cool and "urban" looking. :) These retail for $20 and it comes with .05 oz of product. 

Ether is described as a "light purple with pink-blue 3-D sparkle and shift." This shadow is absolutely gorgeous! I've shown it below in more direct light and then a bit more shaded so you can we how different these shadows look in different lights. Gorgeous! 

Will you be grabbing any of the new Moondust shades?

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sephora Collection Colorful Duo Reflects - Mermaid Tail: Review & Swatches

Sephora comes out with some really beautiful products in their Sephora Collection brand. Recently, I picked up one of their new, limited edition Colorful Duo Reflects shadows in Mermaid Tail. When it comes to makeup, I'm all about eyeshadow, especially sparkly, glittery, or duochrome ones. So these were right up my alley! 

The packaging is pretty standard for the Sephora Collection shadows. You get .07 oz of product in these, and they retail for $13. 

Mermaid Tail is a gorgeous color. In the pan, it looks like more of a teal blue with some purple shimmer. But when swatched, a lot more of the deeper blue and purple hues come out. This really is a gorgeous shadow!

There are 6 different shades in this line, and there are bright, fun colors but also more wearable neutrals. Will you be grabbing any of the Duo Reflects?